Are There Regulations When Using a Drone to Take Real Estate Photos/Video and do I need to care about them?

  • Yes! The FFA requires CFR Part 107 certification for all commercial use of drones. Commercial use is considered as anything that will 'further' your business. When selling a home, whether you take the photos yourself, hire someone else, or have someone take photos for free, this is considered commercial since it helps to sell the home. Both a drone pilot and the person who hired the drone pilot stand to be potentially liable for fines if not completed in accordance with the FAA regulations
  • In addition to requiring all commercial pilots have certification, there are many other regulations such as restrictions for flying over the heads of people/crowds, maximum height, flying within line of site, and more.
  • See the FAA site for all official rules and regulations here:


What Advantages Are There to Hiring a Pro to Take Aerial Photos and Video When Drones Are So Accessible?

  • There is a lot more to getting great aerial photos and video than just being able to pilot a drone. Similar to a professional photographer, having skills to compose and edit a photo or video, along with safely piloting a drone provide the best end result.
  • There are also seemingly ever changing rules and regulations in the commercial drone industry. We worry about keeping up to date with all local and federal regulations as well as safety procedures and equipment upgrades so that you dont have to!
  • With all of that being said - if you have a passion for flying drones - give it a go and we would be happy to point you in the right direction! It's a lot of fun!


Can a drone pilot with a commercial license fly anywhere they want?

  • The regulations that a commercially licensed drone pilot must follow involve reading the same airspace sectional charts that manned aircraft pilots need to use.
  • There are FAA airspace regulations that all commercial pilots need to follow in order to fly legally around many airports. Responsible and safe pilots will need to ensure that the airspace that will be flown in does not need special authorization from the FAA prior to flying