Real Estate Marketing With Photo and Video???

     When I first started getting into the real estate photography and videography world, I was surprised at how much more there is to it than pressing the shutter button on a camera and mixing in different exposures. I instantly became obsessed with constantly learning and improving to get the best and most accurate photos that I could

Colors, Angles, Photos, Design!

In just about any home, you will find many colors in any one room. These can be green or blue casts coming in from the window, orange colors casting off the floors or walls as well as other colors from paint and furniture. In some methods of real estate photography and editing, these colors can distort the true colors of the room and soften the overall image.

To get a crisp, color accurate and appealing representation of how the home looks as well as true to life window views, we use lights. That is our secret! We use high powered lights and hand blended editing methods to show the home in the most accurate and pleasing way that we can.

Is Video Really That Important?

Sure, I could cite all sorts of stats about the hours of video watched on YouTube, or how many potential home buyers preferred to view a house that had video or how the average price of a home could be affected by video, but you can find that information in many other places. Video will only get more popular with the way social media is changing. Video gives a potential buyer yet another perspective on what they want to see, the home.

At the end of the day, the actual buyers don't want to see the flashiest scenes, trendiest transitions or things that don't directly help them make a decision. The buyer wants to see what you are selling, the home, the lifestyle and the space. A good real estate video will show the buyer the home and its surroundings in a way that is accurate and enticing. This raises interest in the home and gives potential buyers the most information possible prior to even stepping foot in the home.



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