Best Small Town In America?

  Photo Credit: Kate Donovan Photography

Photo Credit: Kate Donovan Photography


What better way to start the first ever Aeropex Media Blog than to write about one of the more fun projects we’ve worked on in 2017?!  Now let me start by first saying that at the time of writing this,  I have only lived in Amesbury, MA for a little over a year (17 months to be exact). I grew up right next door in Salisbury for most of my life. However, after moving to Amesbury I discovered how great of a town it can be and really enjoyed starting my business there.


Amesbury made it to the top 20 for small towns in America and is the only town in Massachusetts in the running. The list of the final top 20 towns and more information on the competition can be seen here (  

There is an upcoming vote to parse down the top 20 to the final 10, the final 5 and then the eventual winner. The #1 town will get a downtown makeover as well as featured on a TV show! 

In an effort to help get the word out, we worked with the Amesbury Chamber of Commerce to film and put together a fun video to let everyone across America see what our little town is about. Everything you see in the video was filmed within the Town of Amesbury in 2017, with the bulk of the footage after the initial opener from the last few weeks. We used our drones, cameras and asked people walking around town for their thoughts on why they might love Amesbury!

Feel free to share, and don’t forget to vote for Amesbury when the voting goes live, and let's make a small town in Massachusetts the #1 small town in America!!



Credit to Kate Donovan Photography for the cover image. Check out her photography here:

Also thanks to fellow Amesbury drone pilot Mike Browne for the aerial shots on Lake Gardner!