I take a lot of pride in everything I do and I try to constantly improve and learn with each project. With real estate, which is my primary service, I try and offer everything you may need to market a property professionally and effectively....
— Boston Voyager Interview

Who am I?

My name is Jon Almas. I live in Amesbury MA and started Aeropex Media in late 2016.  Since then I have enjoyed meeting new people, building relationships and providing photography and cinematography services that you can rely on.

I am a certified FAA part 107 UAV (drone) pilot. You can trust that I consistently put in the time that it takes to be a safe and responsible drone pilot. I keep track of the latest regulations and technology changes so you don't have to.

My passions are also in photography, cinematography and technology. Put all of that together, and you get the passion and evolving skills needed to provide high end real estate media, video production and wedding day videography!

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Jon Almas

Owner, Drone Pilot, Photographer/Videographer